Kalahari Lifestyle

The Heart of Africa Wellness Studio is incredibly proud to be the first in Germany-Potsdam to introduce the latest Kalahari Cosmetics and Body Treatments. A completely new expirence!!
Kalahari has combined the Ancient Native Recipes with the latest skincare research. With organic plant extracts, effective clay and fruit enzymes from Africa, impressive results are achieved, for skin conditions such as redness, blemished skin, Skin Pigmentation and Aging!

Kalahari Phyto Enzyme Compound Treatment  /PEC  50 min

The PEC Treatment is a highly effective; deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with enzymes such as Pumpkin in combination with Glycolic acid. The skin will appear visibly rejuvenated, clear and brightened. The PEC Treatment is suitable for all skin conditions excluding sensitive skin.

Main Ingredients: Enzymes from fruits and plants, 10% glycol pH 3,5

55,00 Euro

Kalahari Honey Bush Facial 60 min

The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils. The treatment includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is suitable for all skin and suitable as a maintenance treatment.

Main ingredients: rooibos tea extract, shea butter and Kigelia Africana

58,00 Euro

Kalahari Lipid Rich Facial 70 min

The Lipid Rich Skin Treatment is a herbal oil mask that is rich in essential fatty acids and hydrates the driest and dehydrated skin. Moisturizing and invigorating treatment for dry and sensitive skin

Main ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil and rosemary oil

68,00 Euro


Kalahari Vital-Gel Facial  (Cinderella Glow)  70 min

This is a highly effective treatment gel mask with natural gold mica particles. The plant-based fruit acids rejuvenate the skin and visibly smooth and revitalize it. Pentapeptide-3 stimulates collagen synthesis and the plant extract resurrection has moisture-binding properties and will deeply hydrate the skin at the cellular level. An ultra revitalizing, anti-aging and rejuvenating gel mask enriched with natural moisture-binding ingredients, alpha hydroxy acids and peptides. The combination of ingredients has a variety of highly effective properties that make the skin visibly tonifying and brighter.  Facial for all skin types, except for sensitive skin.

Main Ingredients: Pentapeptide-3, AHAs, Resurrection Plant

78,00 Euro

  • Kalahari Phytic Clay Gesichtsbehandlung  70 min

The Phytic Clay Treatment contains effective ingredients such as glycolic acid and almond almond acid. This treatment tone accelerates collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation and is suitable for pigmentation and problematic / acne-skin skin.

Main ingredients: soybean extract (phytic acid), mandelic acid, AHAs & pH6

78,00 Euro

 Phyto Compound Treatments (Intensiv) 90 min

  • Vitamin C Skin Treatment This is an ultra-firming, anti-ageing treatment rich in natural, organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants.Extracted directly from the African Baobab fruit, our Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin regeneration, making your skin appear visibly firmed, brightened and tightened. Suitable for all skin conditions.

Main Ingredients: Baobab phyto acid 100%, biological L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C pH3

88,00 Euro

  • Phyto Compounding Skin Treatment The Phyto Compound Treatment Mask Treatment is compounded especially for your specific skin needs from a selection of African Mud, Clays and Phyto-effective treatment-gels. These area-specific applications optimise treatment results and are suitable for all skin conditions

Main Ingredients: Botanical Clay Mask: Kaolin (debilitating) Honeybush Clay: prevents cell damage Kigelia Africana Mud: Firming, Enlightening.

88,00 Euro

Kalahari D-Age 5 Treatment

 For this treatment, it is important that you use Kalahari products in advance for a certain period of time. This is to accustom the skin to the ingredients for the best results with the treatments. *Medium-strength peeling * that effectively exfoliates the skin and stimulates cell renewal. The skin texture is refined ,fine lines, wrinkles, small scars and acne are reduced.

Main Ingredients: AHA Compound (Glycolic and Lactic Acid), Mandelic Acid (Mandelic Acid), BHA (Salicylic Acid) 

A cure treatment is recommended. For (4 treeatments every second week) and during the cure, it is important that you use the products of Kalahari.

115,00 Euro 400 Euro as Spa treatment cure