A relaxing massage works wonders, because everyday life is obviously massaged away. By vigorous movements stress and tension dissolve into thin air. Try it, your body will reward you with new energy.

Back Massage

30 min 30,00 Euro
40 min 38,00 Euro

Shoulder,Neck -Massage

In our everyday life there is required a lot from our heads. The sitting position in a normal office job engrosses the head as well as the muscles that are carrying the head. A massage in this area is calming down your mind and relaxing your body.

20 min 22,00 Euro

Full-body Massage

60 min 60,00 Euro

Aroma back/ Full-body Massage

A classic full body massage with natural essential oils. The mixtures are specially prepared to cater to your individual needs. Aromatherapy massages have a regenerating, relaxing, and calming effect on the entire body. They stimulate the metabolism and support the regenerative process.

40 min 48,00 Euro
70 min 78,00 Euro


A well aimed foot massage has a positive effect on our whole organism. By stimulating individual reflexology zones not only the energy flow throughout the whole body is stimulated, it also improves the general well-being and helps compensate stress.

50 min 40,00 Euro

Ear candling ceremony

The approximately 20 centimeters long ear candle is placed and lit on the external auditory canal. This creates a slight vacuum, which acts like a gentle massage on the eardrum. The exhausting heat stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation intensifies. Mainly the ear candle is used for acute and chronic pain in the ear and head area, as well as treatment toi mental overload disorders. This method is also very popular to achieve a general feeling of relaxation or to treat a tinnitus.

25 min 24,00 Euro

Singing-bowls back Massage/Full-body

Relaxation through sound
The singing bowl massage is relaxing and a has a calming effect on physical and emotional blockages. In this form of massage the singing bowls are set on the body and tapped gently. The resulting vibration transfers to the body.

50 min 40,00 Euro
70 min 65,00 Euro

Bamboo Massage

For the bamboo massage, different bamboo sticks are used in shape and size, which help to achieve a very effective stimulation and blood circulation of the tissues. This massage is designed as an intensive Fullbody or partial body massage. A variety of grip techniques can be use for to help the Muscels relax  from mild to powerful  strocks . This very special massage originates from Asia and has been traditionally used there for centuries. The massage is very deep and has a strong character. Good for amateur and professional athletes who want to do something good before or after training. However, this massage is also suitable for people who want to relax their muscles or need something more intensive .

50 min 65,00 Euro
70 min 78,00 Euro
90 min 98,00 Euro

African Rungu Massage

Experience a unique African massage with the traditional African Rungu A rungu is an important emblem of warrior status for the Maasai men and is traditionally used as a throwing club. In this case, the smooth, rounded wooden staff is used to apply a deep pressure massage that relieves pain, improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle tone, and provides instant relaxation.

45 min 53,00 Euro
70 min 78,00 Euro
100 min 98,00 Euro

Himalayan Saltstone Full-body Massage

A Himalayan Salt Stone Massage integrates the philosophies of Eastern medicine, Swedish massage, thermal therapy and salt therapies to create an array of possible benefits:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve sleep
  • Induce deep relaxation
  • Improve overall sense of well-being

Our stones are 100% pure Himalayan pink salt rich in 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements that revitalize the body. The stones are warmed and used as an extension of your therapist’s hands to deliver a truly unforgettable massage.

45 min 53,00 Euro
70 min 78,00 Euro
100 min 98,00 Euro

Hotstone Massage

Experience relaxation, peace and vitality from the very first moment of this wonderful massage with warm basalt stones. This energetic massage relaxes the muscles and activates your body’s healing powers. Allow your body, mind and spirit to let go.

45 min 53,00 Euro
70 min 78,00 Euro
100 min 98,00 Euro

Hawaiiana Temple Massage

This Hawaiian Templemassage is a full-body massage with oils—a combination of ritual, dance and bodywork. Like the powerful dance of the ocean’s waves, it has a healing impact on the body, spirit and soul. Escape everyday life and experience full harmony and balance through deep relaxation in a respectful environment.

60 min 65,00 Euro
90 min 95,00 Euro

Ayurveda Full-body Massage

This is a traditional Indian healing modality, which is very popular in our latitudes. Health and longevity are in Ayurvedic medicine at the center. Of course, the most important prerequisite for a long life is health, which is why the treatment is also aimed at the whole person – body, mind and soul.Ayurveda stimulates circulation, removes toxins, improves sleep, strengthens the tissue and prevents disease.

60 min 65,00 Euro
90 min 95,00 Euro